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Gilber Personal Cv/Resume WordPress Theme Free Download

hello guys if you don\’t have any website

like your personal, cv regime WordPress

website and you want to create your

online portfolio I\’m going to show you

that is how, you can create an online

portfolio website

here is the demo link i\’m going to show

you how your website will preview just

wait for it and see

hey the preloader

you will disable it if you want and here

is your website

so, here is the front,

you will swipe it again and again and

you will see how much beautiful your

website will look

i will give you this demo link if you

want to see this demo

you will see

there is the number

here is the logo and header section you

can add any video for link here your

name and

your experience

your project if you want to share any

project here is your educational

and your partners are clients

they send your blogs

widgets so, here is your test terminal

and in the last, your contact details

you don\’t have any footage you have a

social widget in the sidebar here like

facebook twitter and instagram you will

update right there okay so, i\’m going to

show you how you can download it how you


install it update it and customize it, so

first of all what you need to do is i

will give you the download link in

description of my website and you will

download from here okay so, let\’s

get to the wordpress dashboard here you

will customize

and install your theme first of all you

need to dismiss it


we are here

and it\’s a demo website of my domain now

i\’m going to show you that how you can

install this theme

first of all go to teams

add new there is some bad themes just

need to delete it, i will delete it later

that on add new button

right there you will see how much change

you have no need for these things i will

upload the premium thing here okay so,

for uploading it we need to drag and

drop the theme here is the theme file

just extract files

and click on ok

so, we have

theme files here

we just need these two files okay

gilbert theme and child thing first of

all we will add your theme

just install now


activate it


we need to install plugins and activate

but first of all we need to install the

theme child


again upload theme and we are going to

upload the child file here

why it\’s important to upload a child

file because child file have the license

of this theme

extended license or simple license so

just click on activate it or theme is

activated here it\’s a gilbert child team

and now we are going to install the

plugin by clicking on click click on

install plugins button here we have a

list of plugins we need to install to

start with this theme just click on

select all and install apply

okay it\’s a wordpress elementor page

builder team you will customize it step

by step easily that\’s why i like

elementor too much okay the themes are

going to install step by step

okay here is it

all the plugins are installed now just

need to activate it just click on select



activate button apply

so we have this theme activated we have


go back to the dashboard section and now

we need to import that demo the best

part of our premium team is to import

the pre-built demo


just click on

appearance and go to import demo

data okay so we have a demo section here

it\’s pretty simple

and now import demo data

don\’t need to click on this just click

on continue and import it will take your

couple of seconds to import the demo


because it\’s sentimental website that\’s

why it\’s not heavy

so click on visit site so we have a

beautiful website here

there is a preloader

okay so website is ready

you will see everything here

what is this

please configure google from settings

for languages we don\’t need google

translator i will disable it so first of

all what we need to do is to


go to the site homepage okay

here is the site header section


so about section project section

education test emails partners blog and

contact us a complete website so first

of all we need to join this logo and

this number

because we need to add our own number

here first of all what we need to do is

go to

team settings and

customize it

you will customize from here also


here is your customization panel here is

code settings


step by step i will show you how you can

change everything header options so

general options

you will see the logo here so if you

want to remove it

and upload your own logo just click on

it and you will see a lot of files data


from here i have just demo


of my recent website just click on it

and select it to upload okay so i\’m

going to publish it

and just click on refresh it

and you will see the logo is here but

it\’s pretty smaller need to update logo

height so 23 we are here to 45 pixels

and to publish it

now just refresh it again and see if the

logo have a lot of size so if you want

to add more size you just click on here

and change the height of your logo it\’s

simple okay what is the next step we are

going to change this number okay

so in case we are going to change this

number we need to

check how you can change it

first of all we need to change the site

name my name is

just i\’m going to turn the site name and

the description website


it\’s an important part of site

it\’s a menu i think so first of all what

we need to do is go to menu

and check where is the number okay here

is the number so i\’m going to change

this number to

something else like


and here i\’m going to also change it

so just update it

you need to check if the number is


yes the number is updated okay the next

step is that if you want to change any

of this manual menu section and remove

it what you need to do is go to menu

primary menu here is all the things you


just click on anything and remove it if

you want to remove just click on this

button to remove it okay

so what we have in our header is logo we

decently changed the menu section we

recently checked and the phone number


come back to next place

we are going to edit the page like


we have in elementor just click on the

home section to edit it

okay it\’s created in elementor that\’s

why it\’s pretty simple so first is that

here is for home


you can change everything just i\’m going

to remove this

button and

this spacer

we have a product designer here just

click on it and then

web design okay so here is gilbert

what we need to add is my name here so

just click on yellow and write



so here is my name

just update it okay here is the


working with client community with

deliver and if you want to change it

just click on it and write something


so it\’s time we need to publish it and

just check


just click it on the site and we will

see the channels

here is my name web designer we recently

added and the description

okay what\’s the next step now next step

is we are going to try and create

experience sections and

what you need to do go to

experience section

so we have

dog great experience section in about

click on about

and we have a nine year experience here


chance nine to five or whatever you want

your experience

years experience working if you want to

join anything from here also

you will

just create experience we are just going

to change the experience

till the phones cannot make more fights

so if you want to remove this section

just we complete it and also delete it

web design so if you want to change it

to website

or anything you want


just right here and you will change 70

to 90 100 by moving this side to 100

seconds okay here is 85 but now we need

to change it to digital




so data marketing experience is 94


and wordpress so wordpress we need to

add development



our wordpress development is 100 100


it\’s done

just click on updated

as usual we have a lot of sections to


you can also edit the project section

the education section and you can add

your images

data and everything here customers


and blogs

contact section so we have everything


if you want to change the contact

section and add your own phone number

here just click on any section you want

to edit just click on contact section

and we will update it in second because

this website is created with elementor


you have a description here just click

and change it you have a address here

just click on change it

so you have a phone number here just you

can change it

okay you have an email here just click

and change it you have a

contact form here if you want to create

something relevant to this and another

contact form you can create and just add

a code here contact form one two three

select your form what you want

and update it if you want to okay the

next important step is that

how can we add the social media link in

the sidebar of this website like here

facebook twitter instagram okay

so what we need to do is go back to

customize section

and i\’m going to check i have some

social media links of my

profiles in my own website

so in customize section what you need to

do is go to menu

go back

and head section added section in

general option we don\’t have social

media in of canvas we have social list

here okay

so first is facebook okay facebook we

have a facebook link here

just need to copy this link

and paste it right there

and the

twitter link

i\’m going to copy the twitter link copy

link here and paste it right here

the next is instagram okay so instagram

link we need to add

from here copy link and paste it right

there and just click on publish it

okay the next thing is that copyright

so i\’m going to change it the spelling

of this copyright is incorrect

so grammarly will show us the correct


so copyright spelling is spent all right


we will publish it and

the next thing is that gilbert 2020

how we can customize it

i will show you after social media


so in the photo section we have


2020 we will change


and it\’s published now


our website have social media links

ready and footer is also ready

cited entity

on settings on pages of full page slider

and post we need we don\’t need to add

post pages

we have widget section that is empty


and in advance section we will see some

more settings of admin panel we don\’t


picture links so here we also need to

add the

links of our facebook instagram and


for this section

what we need to do is click on copy


facebook link click on twitter link and

copy it

for the second

and for the third click on instagram


so publish it

a website is 100

ready just need to refresh it

and here we have a footer section which

does 22 we recently added okay so

what the next step is we need to disable

this text

here the setting google translate to see

it in action we don\’t need google

translate if you need you can customize

it but i\’m going to disable it

first of all go to plugins

and then

check here where the google translate

just deactivate simple

refresh it

and you will see it\’s

removed now

so we have our website ready to meet any


information of our key and we can

customize any other thing then ask me in

comment section i will guide you how you

can okay

so it\’s a single page website

for your

portfolio so website is ready

if you need any other theme or plugin

you can ask me in comment section i will

give you the tutorial how you can

download and install and customize it

step by step


we need to done it right there and take

care bye

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