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Ckarla – Wedding Photography WordPress Theme

hello friends here i am with a new video

and in this video i am going to show you

how you can create a wedding photography


so let\’s suppose if you have a wedding

photography business and you are a

photographer and you want to make your

website live

and you want to show your clients your

pictures and whatever you clicks right

so how can you create a wedding

photography website

we have a theme here that\’s called

chakrala wedding photography wordpress

theme i am going to show you how you can

install this theme and the step by step

tutorial to create a wedding photography


so first of all let me show you the

overview of this theme

how this theme look likes

we have a six demos here but i am going

to install the first demo

and show you the first demo loops here

is the free loader and then the website

loads it\’s a very fast website created

with elementor

so here is the logo here is the menu

here is the images slider

here is the overview of your cells with

your image and a signature

next is the portfolio recent wedding

it\’s a post video here you can add your

new posts

and next is test terminal

clients reviews

and a client slider the companies and

the partners whatever you want to add

the slider of logos

next is footer so here is the footer


and a logo

next to

instagram facebook and social links okay

it\’s a second social menu

so let me show you how can you download

this theme without any money

so guys for downloading this theme i\’m

going to show you how you can download

it first of all you need to visit my

website it\’s getting to pocket.com


you can see here in this team post okay

you can search also here and you will

find it out i will give you the link in


for it

just open it and swipe to the end of

this post here is the downloading link

appear after some seconds

you can wait for it and download it from


so here is your downloading link just

click on it and you will see our youtube


and the file is here you can download

from here okay

i have this already so that\’s why i\’m

going to skip this part

next step is that how can you install

this theme and customize it

okay so next up with that how can you

install this theme and customize it so

first of all what we need to do is go to

appearance and in the themes

we will add new

and upload our team here okay so i have

the three files here

you need to upload both step by step but

let me show you one thing this theme

have a high volume 44 angry so that\’s

why we are not able to install it or you

will face some difficulties from

installing this theme here okay so first

what we need to do is we need to go to

cpanel and upload this file manually

so here is my theme

cpanel folder and in file manager what

we need to do is we need to go to wp

content change

and here is the theme i recently

installed what we need to do is just

drag or file here

okay so i\’m going to drag it

so i\’m going to drag it here sorry

we need to upload it

so i\’m going to drag it here and it\’s

going to be uploaded


so the uploading process is done just go

back and refresh it

so here is the beauty content and themes

is the file

just extract it


it\’s done

so here is the theme file you just need

to delete this zip file okay just delete

it and skip to trash

so you get back to the themes click on

teams and here you will see you have a

team called


wedding photography activate it

and then add new

upload again

now we are going to upload the child

screen here

drive it here click on install

and click on activate

now the next step is that we are going

to upload its plugin and activate all

the plugin we need to

customize this theme

just click on select all


and apply

it\’s done

go back to plugin installer and activate

these all things

and that\’s it we have the team installed

go back to dashboard

and what we need to do is just install

the demo

so in appearance we will see here our

import demo data

click on it

so we have one click demo importer here

just click on

where which demo you want but i\’m going

to install the home page one

because i like it so for preview you

will click on it and you will see the

same preview

we just clicked here

okay go to it and import demo

don\’t need to click on this and continue


wait for some seconds

okay so demo is imported now


we are going to visit how the website

looks like

here\’s the preloader

and here is our logo and here is the

menu it\’s not visible i will show you

how you can set up this header

and here is the everything we was

talking about

so what is the next step is to customize

the header

so we are here to customize the header

section so as you can see here is logo

text and our menu is not appear here how

can we customize this

header so first of all what we need to

do is add the menu here so how can it be

visible just click on here and go to

train customization

the next thing is that

we need to go to the menus and we have a

lot of menu you can create your own menu


here is the primary menu and we are

going to select it to look

appear here okay

so just click on primary navigation menu

and select this as primary menu so here

is a menu just click on publish

go back

to dashboard

and now what is the next step we are

going to change this uh let me refresh

it to show you

and then we appear here what we need to

do is change this logo text and i\’ll

show the preloader text

the tailloader is that when we click on

here you can see the free loader appears

here so for this we are going to stream

options and header settings okay sorry

general setting

so here we have general setting the



and just click on save changes

go back and refresh it

as you will see here instead we are in

here is also my name

in the logo section you can add your

website name here okay

okay the next step is we are going to

customize this footer section as we know

the menu is not appearing here just

click back to here and click on footer


put our description where is it written



next is menu title

here is the menu title just

write something else here


and social network title whatever is the

next title

so you can add here follow us

click on refresh and see if the changes

appears here okay the changes appear


and now

we are going to change


menu here okay

for menu edition we are going back to

the customize section

and click on menus select the menu you

want to add in footer and

mark it as footer manual

click on save

go back and click on refresh

and here is our footer manual here is

your social media menu if you want to


links here

just click back here go back

and click on footer setting in theme


here in the general setting and here you

will find each and every link you want

to add in footer okay

so here the next important step how can

we customize the pages and change each

and everything so i will show you how

you can change everything here okay

first thing is that you need you want to

change this page just click on edit page

and let me show you one more thing here

just click on edit with elementor

so here is something very important here

the images slider images just click on

this and you will see a lot of images

just you can change it from here

and next is

okay let me swipe it

down next is the overview just click

here and you will see the image you can

change this form here and here is the

hello layer text

here is i am caroline okay so here is

the paragraph and next is signature at

the end

you will change each and everything

there and here is the post video just

click on it and change the text station

wedding portfolio

and the countdown


now it\’s looking perfect


you can add your vision post you can

change your layout you can hide your

heading and

sub heading here just click on update

and the next is footage


just go back and

open this site again

on next pages about a speech okay let me

show you first the changes

here is the post changes it\’s updated

for on about us

page and here is your about you can

change about me wearing photographer

text how can you can just click on edit

with elementor

and here is the text


and here is the text just click on it

about me waiting for the dropper

and the background image of your slider

okay the next thing is send the overview

and pick your signature edit the travel

dates you can change everything here

just clicking on it


nothing else here okay go back

and next page is

information page information page is a

price and plan page here is the prices

on plan

you can see your

prices here pre-wedding and everything

your plans whatever

the price is written here in yours you

can change it to dollars and somewhere


and you will see here a lot of pages

like blog subtitle achieve page here is

the blogs in this post and also in blog

page we see the images with blogs you

can change it to

something other you can change the pages

here the

frequency ask question page in this page

you will see lot of questions and

answers you will add the pre-built

question and answer here

for your website how can you edit click

on add with elementor

wait for it

all the questions answers here

next is price plans

again and


close it and go back to contact page

here in the contact page in this page

you will see some return some contact

details like phone number emails and a

contact form

so here is your website book you need

any other customization you can ask me

in comment i will give you a complete

guide of how can you

make everything happen so if you like my

video click on like and also subscribe

to my channel thank you so much for

watching this video take care a lot

peace bye bye

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