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Aoao Watermark Free Download For Windows

hello friends welcome back to my another

video and in this video i am going to

teach you that how you can add

watermark to your all images in some

simple steps with watermark pro software

and i will give you the software also so

let\’s suppose if you have thousands of

images and you want to add your company

logo or text or anything else to make it

copy proof yeah it\’s it\’s mean that you

want to add

watermark in your all images in bulk and

you don\’t have time to add manually one

by one watermark to your our images let

me teach you how you can add with some

simple steps

so let\’s get started

so first of all what you need to do is

you need to download a software called

aoa watchmark software it\’s a pro

software and you will get the link in

description to download this software

from my website let me show you how you

can first of all what you need to do is

visit my website get into

then click on software

and you will see the software here just

click on it and

swipe down

now here you can see a timer after this

seconds completed you will see the

download link here and grab it from here

now let\’s show the tutorial of this

software first of all you need to launch

this software with support software you

don\’t need any license key or anything


and here the software is open now you

need to add files in the softwares just

click on add file

and go to your

folder and add

images here let\’s suppose i have folder


i have

some images just i\’m going to

add four to five images and click on

open now the images are here and what\’s

the next step the images are added now

click on next step here

and then it is loaded here now you have

the text area if you want to add any

text to your

software and all the images just right

down here and you will see the text

appears here

you will

shift it to another place and also

change its size

let\’s suppose i\’m going to

add a lot of side there and you will

make it tall and small

forget it i\’m going to remove it because

i don\’t need it i\’m going to add a logo

and you have a lot of functions here


text font changes a lot of fonts and

colors background colors

shifting from

positions and you need to resize you

need to inside just click on it and you

don\’t need to resize just leave it okay

here you can rotate your all images to

98 degree angle


let\’s suppose i\’m going to forgive it

and as if you need to add a image like

let me show you how you can so just

click on this image and here is the logo

i recently added

so what i\’m going to do is i\’m going to

change it so if you want to change it

just click on

click to add image watermark here and

place your logo let\’s suppose you have

some sample logo here but i\’m not using


i\’m going to use my

logo here just just go to the lower

section add your logo here\’s my logo i\’m

going to change its width

and height also so

what the next step is

place it to anywhere you want

and that suppose i am placing it here

and just click if you want a single logo

then it\’s fine and you want a lot of

logo copy then click on tiles so i have

tiles here and i\’m going to resize it

right here

and what you need to do is change its


so for changing its opacity

we need to


opacity here so i\’m going to change its


and take it to 42

if you want to add more you can add but

i\’m going

to remove it somewhere

so here it is fine at 40. so what the

next step is go to the next step and

just clicking on ram if you want to add

any time here but i\’m not going to add


just save and create a new layer so the

layer is saved here if we

close it and open it we will see the

difference of my images

and now go to the next step and here is

the next step

what we need to do is say if you want to

change the format of your image like png

and other you can add here that i am

going to take original just you click on

keep original format and so preview


open output folder when the process is

done and next step is the final step we

need to run it okay so ram will take

some time to add

watermark on all images

let\’s see how it looks likes

and it\’s done

so we have our output folder here and

i\’m going to show you the images with

bottom up so

let me zoom it so you can see we have a

lot of watermarks here

and let me open another images

click it

and next

all the images have perfect quarter mark

so hope you will like this

video if you like my videos just click

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join our team

so here is the software and this

software will be provided you on my

website i\’m going to add the link in

description thank you so much for

watching this video take care bye

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